Tokarev SVT-40 (Self-loading rifle Model 1940)

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Tokarev M1940 (SVT-40) production began in 1940 and improved upon the Fedor Tokarev designed SVT-38, a rifle that had demonstrated both value and shortcomings during the First Soviet-Finnish War or Winter War. A semi-automatic, Tokarev self-loading rifle Model 1940 (Samozaryadnaya Vintovka Tokareva or SVT-40) was the next step in replacing the bolt-action Mosin-Nagant M91/30 as […]

Type 14 Nagoya Pistol, Chigusa Factory

Type 14 Nagoya Pistol - Rare

Adopted in 1925, the Type 14 became the predominant semi-automatic pistol of the Japanese military and saw action in multiple campaigns until the end of the Second World War.  The Type 14 design improves upon the earlier 1902 Nambu Type (“Papa”) and is the product of Gen. Kijiro Nambu, Japan’s preeminent small arms designer and […]

Italian Vetterli Cavalry Carbine mod. 1870

Italian Vetterli Cavalry Carbine mod. 1870, Complete and Matching

The Vetterli Cavalry Carbine mod. 1870, formally known as the Moschetto da Cavalleria mod. 1870, is a single-shot, rimfire carbine which utilizes the same bolt mechanism design as the Fucile mod. 1870 rifle, adopted by the Italian infantry. The Vetterli cavalry carbine was formally adopted in 1871, issued to Italian cavalry units starting in 1872, […]

World War II German U-Boat Binoculars

U boat-1

Some recent and very cool WWII additions to our inventory, U-boat 7×50 binoculars. Made by Carl Zeiss (wartime code blc) beginning in 1941, these binoculars were only issued for use on U-boats. Heavy duty aluminum alloy construction combined with tough, high-quality paint; thick rubber armoring; and desiccation cartridges in each barrel provided the binoculars with […]

Nichols and Child Revolving Percussion Rifle

Nichols and Childs Revolving Percussion Rifle

The Soldier’s Attic is proud to introduce this new section by highlighting a special arm that recently entered our inventory, the Nichols and Childs Revolving Percussion Rifle.  Only 100-150 of these beautiful rifles were made in the late 1830s/early 1840s and they represent early developments of the American revolving rifle.  While we tend to see […]