World War II German U-Boat Binoculars

Some recent and very cool WWII additions to our inventory, U-boat 7×50 binoculars. Made by Carl Zeiss (wartime code blc) beginning in 1941, these binoculars were only issued for use on U-boats. Heavy duty aluminum alloy construction combined with tough, high-quality paint; thick rubber armoring; and desiccation cartridges in each barrel provided the binoculars with incredible durability to withstand the conditions of U-boat life, both inside and outside of the vessel. Known for very high-quality lenses and low-light abilities, they became essential for spotting threats and targets alike, no matter the weather conditions. Their quality and importance rated so high that they became a prized war trophy by allied naval forces and were still recognized after the war as some of the best optics produced at the time. To learn more and see more binoculars, please visit our optics page.