How to Purchase

The Soldier’s Attic, LLC follows all federal and state laws applying to the sale and shipment of firearms, no exceptions.  If you have any questions regarding the information below, please contact us (our contact information is found here).

In general, post-1898 produced firearms require a signed FFL (Federal Firearms License) or C&R (Curio and Relics) license.  Copies of these licenses may be sent to us by postal mail or email (see our contact information here).  Firearms meeting this requirement must be shipped to the FFL and C&R holder at their license premise address.  State and local laws also apply to these firearms; it is the customer’s responsibility to know and comply with all firearms laws.

Firearms produced before 1898 are considered antique under ATF regulations and do not require an FFL to purchase, HOWEVER, state and local laws may apply.  It is the customer’s responsibility to know and comply with all firearms laws.

List of State Law and Ordnances

Some states have laws, regulations, and/or requirements that exceed Federal statutes, including antiques.  Customers must comply with all laws as set forth by their state of residence.  

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATF or ATF) provides a website of all state firearms laws and regulations at: State Laws and Published Ordinances – Firearms

It is your responsibility to know and comply with all state and local laws of your residence before ordering any firearm or edged weapon.  In addition to the ATF link above and your state’s Department of Justice website, your local firearms dealer is a good resource for learning about state firearms statutes.

Learn about these laws BEFORE making a purchase. You will be responsible for all shipping costs if a firearm is returned to us because you cannot own it legally.  

Can customers without FFLs or C&Rs can still make firearms purchases from The Soldier’s Attic, LLC?

Yes!  All purchasers of handguns must be at least 21 years old and at least 18 years old for rifles and shotguns.  In most cases, firearms qualifying as antique, can be shipped to individuals not holding an FFL or C&R license, however, there are local restrictions depending on the state and city/town of residence.  Modern firearms (those produced after 1898) may still be purchased but must be transferred through an FFL dealer located in your state of residence, with a copy of their signed FLL license sent to us prior to shipping. Firearms consider curios and relics (50 years and older) can be shipped to C&R license holders after we receive a signed copy of your license.

How does a non-FFL/C&R purchase work?  

  1. Before you begin, it is highly recommended that you contact your local firearms dealer to ask about their firearms transfer policy, process, and associated fees before you make any online firearms purchase.  If you do not know of a local FFL licensed dealer, check the ATF’s Federal Firearms Listings here. Remember to call them to verify that firearm transfers are part of their services (not all FFLs offer this service).  Your local FFL is also a very important resource to verify your state and local laws regarding firearm ownership, and you should ask if your intended purchase meets all regulations (see List of State Law and Ordnances above).
  2. Next, simply browse our online store to find the firearm or firearms of your interest.  Add the arm(s) that you would like to buy to your shopping cart and head to the checkout page.  You will be able to make your purchase using VISA and MASTERCARD or other accepted form of payment (see payment types here).  Enter the information of your local firearms dealer in the shipping address field, make the payment, and complete the order.
  3. Notify your local firearms dealer of your purchase and have them send a signed copy of their current, unexpired FFL license to us by postal mail, email or text (please have them reference your order number). For a C&R purchase, please send us a signed copy of your license by postal mail, email, or text (please have them reference your order number). If we do not receive these documents within 7 business days of the order date, the order will be cancelled and items returned to inventory unless otherwise contacted by you.
  4. Once we receive and verify their FFL and receive your payment, we will ship your firearm purchase to their location. All firearms shipments are insured, receive a tracking number, and require an adult signature upon delivery.  You will receive the tracking information to monitor when your purchase arrives at your dealer. 
  5. After your shipment is delivered, make arrangements with the FFL so they can conduct the transfer of you firearm by documenting and completing all federal, state, and local regulations – including a background check.  All lost, stolen, or missing shipments are investigated and reported to the ATF.

Note:  Per our refund policy, the inspection period (your opportunity to verify the product delivered is what you ordered) begins on the date an FFL firearms dealer signs for and receives the shipment from the carrier.  The period does not begin when the firearm is transferred to, and picked up by, you. Retrieve your firearm from the FFL as soon as possible to avoid missing our defined inspection period.