Welcome to The Soldier’s Attic, LLC, a family-run small business building upon the legacy of former Heritage Firearms, Inc. of New Jersey.  Over the past few decades our interests focused primarily on the American Civil War and World War II however, in developing this new venture we have expanded to include the American Revolution up through the Vietnam War as well as the collectible commercial market. Here at The Attic, we buy and sell collectible military and vintage commercial firearms, related military items, and shooting accessories.  Our inventory depends on the collections and pieces we buy and, therefore, will vary greatly and change often.  Please check back with us frequently to see what is new in our catalog. If you cannot find what you are searching for, please contact us.

Excellent service for our customers is our priority, no matter if you wish to sell us an item or buy one, and we are happy to help with any questions. In recognizing that quality photographs are essential in online transactions, our goal is to exceed industry photographic standards in posting images that accurately depict our products, and essentially, place the items in your hands. What is not possible to show in a picture, you can rely on our descriptions included in each post.

Speed is also of importance, and we endeavor to quickly respond to all communications and ship purchases as quickly as possible.   To help us, please review our How to Purchase, Shipping, and Terms of Service policies at the bottom of the webpage.  Thank you!