Our Photography

In recognizing that quality photographs are essential in online transactions, our goal is to exceed industry photographic standards in posting images that accurately depict our products, and essentially, place the items in your hands. Our photos will not be the blurry, dark, versions that lack significant detail seen elsewhere.  Beyond cropping photos to reduce file size and maximize both resolution and detail, we do not enhance our images to hide damage, wear, or other blemishes that might be found on some items in our inventory.  While we clean dirt and grime, we do not disassemble an item unless it is pertinent to verifying authenticity, such as serial numbers or proof and maker marks.  Per “new-in-the-box” vintage or antique items, we will not clean the old, congealed grease or protective coatings and we do not recondition (“restore”) inventory as we prefer to leave the decision and “how to” up to the future owner.  As such, these photos will sometimes show more than what you might see at a dimly lit gun show or in a store.  Some types of wear or damage might “pop” in a photo, or the item might appear dirtier than if viewed in hand.  While we strive to achieve a picture that focuses on the subject, reflections, shadows, support structures, and dust may be visible.  Although we initially avoided watermarking our photos, we have unfortunately found that these marks are necessary.  However, an effort is made to keep them off the subject and minimize their distraction.  If you have any questions about what you see in a photograph or if we neglected to take a shot you feel is necessary, please reach out to us through our contact page and we will be happy to take another picture or the one you need.  What is not possible to show in a picture, you can rely on finding in our descriptions included in each post.  An honest, straight representation is our goal and to back this up, we offer a three (3) day inspection period, no questions asked, return policy (as long as the firearm is not fired/shot and remains in the same condition as when sold; see Returns Policy).