For Sale: U.S. Model 1861 Navy “Plymouth” Rifle

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The Whitney-Ville U.S. Model 1861 Navy “Plymouth” Rifle is based on Captain (future Admiral) John A. Dahlgren’s design that borrowed heavily borrowing from the Carabine á Tige rifle used by the French military. Experimental rifles, known as the U.S. Navy Pattern Percussion Rifle, where sent for testing aboard the USS Plymouth, under Captain Dahlgren’s command, in May of 1858. It is from this voyage that the name “Plymouth” is derived. Contracted exclusively to Elli Whitney in July of 1961, a total of 10,000 rifles were produced by 1864 when the contract ended.

Our Whitney-Ville U.S. Model 1861 Navy “Plymouth” Rifle has a well-aged, brown patina. Pitting from service use is evident around the nipple and bolster. The lock is the first style, with a large eagle, U.S./Whitney-Ville and vertical 1863. The .69 caliber, 34-inch barrel is marked V, P/eagle’s head, 1863, and F.C.W. (Frank C. Warner – inspector). The black walnut stock also bears Warner’s initials on the flat, opposite the lock. Butt is stamped U.S. The tang bears the number 3562, which is the number used to match the hand-fitted saber bayonets. The 1000-yard rear leaf sight, side-mounted bayonet lug, and cupped ramrod with small hole are correct for this rifle. The bore is clean and bright with good rifling and areas of very light pitting. For the M1861 Dahlgren “Bowie” bayonet used with these rifles, see our Bayonet category.

An excellent representative piece, that shows its history, to add to a collection or mount on the wall. Antique. Check with a local FFL dealer to confirm your state laws governing ownership of an antique rifle before purchasing this item.

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Whitney Arms Company


U.S. Model 1861 Navy “Plymouth” Rifle


.69 cal




good, clean, bright, with good rifling and some areas of light pitting

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50 ¼-inches