For Sale: Sharps New Model 1859 Rifle SN in Berdan range

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The Sharps NM1859 rifle is a breech-loading rifle that uses a linen cartridge. The rifle was popular during the Civil War, especially among the famed Berdan Sharpshooters. Hiram Berdan commanded the all-volunteer U.S. Sharpshooters and selected the Sharps rifle as the favored arm and, with a little backdoor maneuvering, ordered 2000 rifles. After many delays, the first shipments arrived in 1862, eventually fulfilling the order with rifles within the 54,374 to 57,567 SN range. In addition to standard features, such as a six-groove, 30-inch barrel; three barrel bands; and a pellet-fed primer system, these rifles were also fitted special features as requested by Berdan, including double-set triggers and socket style angular bayonet. No visible cartouche remains on the left side of the stock wrist and no inspector mark is visible on the left side of the barrel. The underside of the barrel is stamped with a SN matching the rifle and the letter T (John Taylor, sub-inspector) and a possible letter C. After discussions with Roy Marcot, noted author on Sharps rifles, we are both confident that this is a Berdan rifle. The rifle is in good patinaed condition with light service handling marks. The action works as intended. Some slivers of wood are missing above and below the lock on right side of the wrist. The bore is clean, mostly bright with some pitting along a 3-inch section near muzzle; well-defined rifling throughout. See pictures for overall condition. Antique. $70 shipping cost, insured.

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clean, Good, minor patches of pitting and frosting, mostly bright, well-defined rifling




Sharps Rifle Manufing Co.

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47 inches


American Civil War