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The Ruger Old Army Black Powder Revolver came out in 1972 as an intentional model of superior quality and accuracy in black powder arms and shooting. The Old Army design is not a replication of a particular 1800s black powder revolver but is based on the three-screw frame, sights, lock-work (no transfer bar), gripstraps, and coil spring of the Old Blackhawk combined with elements of Colt, Remington, Whitney, and Rogers & Spencer designs. The blending of successful historical designs with modern design, materials, and production created what was, and still is, considered the best modern black powder revolver for both accuracy and durability. In addition, unlike the later Generation and historic reproduction models that all involve at least some foreign parts production, the Ruger Old Army was completely manufactured in the U.S. throughout its production, which spanned over 30 years from 1972 to 2008.

Manufactured in 1972, the second year of production, our ROA (Ruger Old Army) cap and ball revolver is among the first 8,000 made. The early production revolvers (up to 1982/SN ~140-46800) came finished in blue only with adjustable sights and 7 ½-inch barrel. Similar to Remington’s 1858 model, a groove is cut into the back of the cylinder between each chamber that acts as a hammer rest and provides for safe carrying of the revolver while loaded. The loading lever and rammer utilize a rotating cam locking device that eliminates the potential for “dropdown” while firing. Nipples are stainless steel.

The ROA is chambered in .45 cal, although after 1973 boxes are marked .44 cal (in reality all were designed for .457 round ball and .454 conical lead bullets). Seen here is a Ruger Old Army in excellent, almost new condition it does not appear that this ROA was fired much, if ever. Still in the original, matching box with packing paper, nipple wrench (not pictured) and paperwork, the bore is as new and the action, strong and crisp, works as intended. Some minor handling marks are present, including around the loading port and on the grips.

See pictures for overall condition. FFL not required for purchase. Check with a local FFL dealer to confirm your state laws governing ownership and shipping of a black powder handgun before purchasing this item.

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