For Sale: Rare Volcanic Repeating Arms Co. Pistol Carbine with Stock

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The Volcanic Repeating Arms Company was born from Smith & Wesson in July of 1855, after Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson took on a new partner, Oliver F. Winchester – a clothing manufacturer interesting in investing in the firearms industry.  After acquiring a controlling share of Volcanic in 1857, Winchester reorganized the company under the name “New Haven Arms Company”.  New Haven continued manufacturing Volcanic firearms until 1860 when the introduction of the Henry rifle, a firearm based on the same rotating barrel loading mechanism as the Volcanic, became the focus of production.  In 1866, the name changed again, this time to “Winchester Repeating Arms”, and the rest, as they say, is history.

This is an example of a ca. 1855 lever action Volcanic Repeating Arms Co, pistol carbine in .41 caliber with 16-inch octagon barrel (also known as the lever action Navy pistol or, somewhat erroneously, the New Haven pistol carbine (New Haven Arms produced Volcanic style pistols/carbines but the barrel address carries the newer name)).  This is a rare firearm!  While no production numbers are known for the two years this variation was made, estimates range between 100-300 manufactured.   The pistol carbine offered here is number 32; the number is stamped on the grip frame, crescent-shaped brass buttplate, and butt mounting piece.  The walnut pistol grips and buttstock are not numbered, which is not unusual for low-numbered specimens, and are original to the piece, based on color and wear.  The barrel address is three lines “The Volcanic/Repeating Arms Co./Patented    New Haven Conn.   Feb. 14 1854”.  The magazine spring and butt thumbscrew are replacements.  Action functions smoothly.  The bore is very good with strong, visible rifling and minor frosty patches towards the muzzle.  The brass frame is silver plated and the barrel blued.  This is a prime example of one of the designs ultimately leading to the Henry repeating rifle and the development of future lever action rifles, a perfect piece for the collector of firearms from the Winchester story.  See pictures for overall condition of this Volcanic Repeating Arms Co, pistol carbine.  Antique.  Check with a local FFL dealer to confirm your state laws governing ownership of an antique handgun before purchasing this item. Shipping fully insured requires additional costs, please contact us at to inquire.

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Volcanic Repeating Arms Company


Pistol Carbine


.41 Volcanic


20 round tubular magazine


Very good, clean, bright, with well-defined, strong rifling and some minor patches of frosting near the muzzle.




ca. 1855