For Sale: FN P-35 Browning High Power Pistol

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Late war FN P-35 Browning High Power pistol in very good condition with some light high-point wear and service handling marks. The 9mm FN P-35 Browning High Power pistol as manufactured under German occupation were designated 640(b) (b for Belgium) by the occupying authorities. Approximate production estimates for the 640(b) designation are just under 62,000 total pistols.

The SN 51XXX, ‘b’ suffix, use of abbreviated SN on barrel and frame, fixed sites, unslotted 10¼-inch frame, multiple Waffenampt 140 stamps, and Bakelite grips all place manufacture of this 640 (b) pistol within the last few months of production under the Germans, likely in the late summer leading up to the September 1944 liberation of Belgium.

Markings on right side include full SN on slide, partial SN on chamber and frame, ‘MR’ on trigger guard, and WaA140 on chamber. Left side markings include ‘FABRIQUE NATIONALE D’ARMES DE GUERRE HERSTAL BELGIQUE’ in two-line address near ‘Browning Patent Depose’ and WaA140 with proof mark eagle all on the slide. Additionally, WaA140 and proof mark is found on the frame above the trigger. Factory worker marks are found near the magazine well, another WaA104 is stamped under the muzzle, along with two more WaA140 stamps on the left side of the barrel. ‘MR’ is stamped underneath the barrel. The original 13-round magazine is marked ‘u’ on the back, near the base.

Condition of this 640(b) is very good with no major service wear or damage. Bore is excellent, both bright and clean with no pitting and strong, defined rifling. This is a great FN P-35 Browning High Power pistol for a WWII small arms collection. See pictures for overall condition. FFL or C&R required for purchase.

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Fabrique Nationale D'armes De Guerre Herstal



Action Type





13-round magazine


Excellent, clean and bright with well-defined rifling


4 ½-inch

Overall Length