For Sale: Colt Artillery Model Single Action Army

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From 1895 to 1903, the US government sent approximately 16,900 used Cavalry Model Single Action revolvers to Colt and the Springfield Armory to be refurbished. These reworked revolvers are commonly referred to as the Artillery Model SAA and have shorter 5 ½-inch barrel than the original 7 ½-inch Cavalry Model. This example, a First-generation SAA originally manufactured in 1875 as indicated by SN 16XXX, bears the early address style on top of the barrel, lack of caliber marking, two-line patent marks with dates 1871 and 1872, and a screw cylinder pin stop. The frame is marked US, just behind the patent stamps, and the bottom of the barrel is marked with two capital ‘P’ stamps and R A C (Rinaldo A. Carr, inspector) just in front of the cylinder pin. The barrel reference mark is found at the end of the address, indicating the barrel was not a replacement barrel. The single piece walnut grips are unusually double stamped. R.A.C. (with periods) is stamped on the butt of each grip and the side of the right grip bears a 1903 date above an R A C cartouche, these latter marks indicating that Colt refurbished this arm. No SN on the revolver match (very common for these refurbished models) but all parts are well-fitted, and the action works as intended. The bore very good condition with only a couple small patches of pitting near muzzle. See pictures for overall condition. Antique. Check with a local FFL dealer to confirm your state laws governing ownership of an antique handgun before purchasing this item

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Colt's PT.F.A. MFG Co.


Artillery SAA

Action Type

Single-Action Revolver

Cylinder Capacity





5 ½ inch


very good, clean, bright, well-defined rifling, minor patches of pitting near muzzle