For Sale: Canadian Ross Mk1/Pattern 1908 US Marked Bayonet

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Manufactured in Canada by the Ross rifle Co. for the Ross rifles issued to the military. These rifles, found to be less than adequate in the trenches of WWI, were pulled from Canadian service around the same time that the U.S. entered the war. Lacking enough arms for the expeditionary forces, let alone troop training, the U.S. obtained about 20,000 rifles and bayonets through the Canadian government and issued them to home guard and training units. These rifles and bayonets are now relatively rare since many were returned or sold after the war.

The example shown here is in excellent condition with the blade retaining the original bright finish and typical toolmarks from the factory. The blued finish on the ricasso, guard, and pommel is also excellent. The muzzle ring is the early, extended style with internal flat spring. Pommel catch/release button works as intended. Wooden grips show some service handling marks and one side is stamped ‘U.S.’ below the flaming ordinance bomb next to a lighter ‘M241’ stamping. On the other side, the grip is marked with factory inspection mark (crown/8). Pommel markings include ‘Ross Rifle Co. Quebec Patented 1907’ in three lines on the same side as the U.S. markings. The other side shows the Canadian broad arrow near the number 08 with the manufacture date (6-09) below. Also present is the factory inspector’s crown/8 mark. Two inspector’s marks (crown/4) are seen on the tang, under the muzzle ring. There are light service handling marks on the pommel end. The blade and guard are unmarked, the former not sharpened after issue. The leather scabbard is also in excellent condition with no rot, loss of flexibility, or rust on the metal parts. Scabbard marks include the ‘U.S.’/flaming bomb on the leather throat cover, a Canadian broad arrow on the belt loop front face, Canadian markings ‘4 . H . D . 18’ on the rear side of the leather throat cover, and a broad arrow with ‘1909’ date on the back scabbard face. See pictures for overall condition. Must be 18 years of age to purchase.

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Blade Dimensions

10 1/8 inches

Overall Length

14 3/8 inches