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The Becker Revolving Shotgun in 16 gauge is both a rare and interesting single barrel shotgun produced in Germany after World War I. Based on a blow-forward action designed and patented by Deutsche Jagdwaffen-Gesellschaft of Dusseldorf, Germany in 1899, the Becker Revolving Shotgun, or more formally Schrotflinte [Shotgun] System Becker, was not produced until the 1920s by Romerwerk Waffenfabrik (also known as Römerwerk and Röhmerwerk) in Suhl, Germany. The Suhl region was known for its many gun manufacturers, many of which, including Romerwerke, operated within a cottage industry of making and supplying gun parts from which others then assembled complete arms. However, it appears that the Becker Revolving Shotgun was a complete product of Romerwerke and is documented in gun journals and advertisements of the period. No total production numbers of this shotgun are known, but research indicates as few as 100 to about 500 were manufactured.

The condition of our Becker Revolving Shotgun is fair to good. The stock is checkered on the pistol grips and forearm. The wood is nicely aged with no cracks. Handling marks are as expected for a piece born of the 1920s. The metal finish is worn and aged brown in places. The Deutsche Jagdwaffen-Gesellschaft marking is no longer visible on the barrel. Some pitting is found throughout on metal surfaces. Nice, visible scroll work on the upper tang and trigger guard. One removable chamber sleeve is missing. The fragile plastic butt plate is worn thin and has some holes. The internals are in nice shape with no corrosion.  The bore is excellent, smooth and shiny. Overall, this is a really nice example of a very rare Romerwerk Schrotflinte System Becker blow-forward shotgun and compares well to the very few examples that I have seen.

Please see our detailed writeup on this shotgun here

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Additional information


Romerwerk Waffenfabrik


Schrotflinte System Becker


16 ga


5 rounds

Action Type





Excellent, bright, clean, smooth

Overall Length

44 inches


Ca. early 1920s