For Sale: 1939 42-code P.08 Luger

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This is a very nice 1939 Mauser-Werke pistol.  All serial numbers match on the receiver, barrel, frame, magazine while the small parts two numeral stamps (including firing pin) match the last two letters of the SN. In addition to a matching SN, the magazine carries the SE/655 acceptance stamp and a ‘+’, the latter indicating this is a matching spare magazine. Marks: Frame front (below barrel) SN ‘89XX’ over script ‘y’, Receiver left side ‘89XX’ front and “GESICHERT’ behind safety, top side ‘1939’, right side ‘SE/655 SE/655’ followed by the late version of the army test proof mark, bottom side (below/right of index mark) lower case ‘a’, Barrel bottom ‘89XX’ over ‘8,81’ caliber gauge, right side has the late test proof mark, Extractor ‘GELADEN’, Front Toggle Link top side ‘42” and last two SN digits, bottom side ‘1’ and factory proof stamp, Rear Toggle Link top side has last two SN digits, and the bottom side has the factory proof stamp and a ‘5’ over a larger, but lighter stamped ‘2’. The bore is beautiful, clean, bright, and very nice rifling. Checkered walnut grips, right side has a hairline crack at top, marked with a ‘W’ and ‘Z’ on the inside left grip. The metal finish has highpoint and muzzle wear, and the left grip is worn along bottom edge, as might be expected for a war time service arm. Some very minor rust freckling is present here and there. See pictures for overall condition. FFL required for purchase.

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Semi-Auto/toggle-lock action




excellent, clean, bright, well-defined rifling




8-round magazine





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