For Sale: Thompson Center Super 14 Contender Barrel .30-30 WIN

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The Thompson Center Super 14 Contender is a well-known top-break, single-shot pistol long recognized for its accuracy and flexibility in shooting different caliber ammunition. The barrel is easily swapped out for other Super 14 Contender barrels chambered in various calibers. This Thompson Center Super 14 barrel is chambered for the .30-30 Winchester round and features an adjustable rear sight and ramp front blade sight. The left side is marked ‘Thompson Center Arms/Rochester N.H.’ ‘30-30 WIN/”Super 14”’ with a circle enclosing a star on the mounting block. The right side of the rear sight is marked ‘Thompson/Center’ and a circle enclosing an ‘I’ is stamped on the mounting block. Excellent, like new condition.

See pictures for overall condition. Ships directly to you! See our Thompson Center Pistol offerings here.

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Thompson Center Arms


Super 14 Contender


.30-30 WIN




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