For Sale: Tokarev SVT-40, Izhevsk Factory

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Finnish capture SVT-40 manufactured in June of 1941 by Factory No.74 NKV in Izhevsk. Factory No. 74 produced SVT-40 rifles in both 1940 and 1941 before receiving orders to switch to Mosin-Nagant production after the Germans executed Operation Barbarossa. The short production period along with early war manufacture makes Izhevsk SVT-40 rifles somewhat uncommon.

The Finns routinely cannibalized broken rifles when returning others to working order, an exercise which makes finding a completely matching Finnish capture SVT-40 difficult and this specimen, with its mismatched serial numbers, is not unusual. It is interesting to note that, despite the swapping of parts by Finnish arsenals, the Izhevsk Factory No. 74 stamp (an arrow within a triangle) is found throughout our SVT-40, with the exception being the Tula Factory marked bolt.

Other markings include the boxed ‘SA’ (Suomen Armeija) Finnish property stamp on the receiver, left side above the SN, on the bottom of the magazine, and on the Finnish sling. Inspection and proof marks are found throughout. Remnants of the original Izhevsk stock cartouches are visible on the butt, right side. We found no import marks.

Features include the correct first version of SVT-40 muzzle brake with six ports, top barrel shroud with seven holes (changed from the earlier 8-hole version in January 1941), receiver with rails, early SVT-40 trigger guard, rear sight leaf with central groove, narrow stock with single cutout and swivel sling, bolt and bolt carrier both in the white, 640mm cleaning rod (shortened from 645mm in January 1941), safety with hole, Arctic Birch stock, and 10-round early Type 3 SVT-40 magazine with double lug, front seam, mismatched SN, and marked with a ‘1’ magazine number.

Condition is very good for a Finish capture SVT-40 and has the expected service handling marks and some finish wear. The action, which functions as intended, is smooth and strong. The barrel and receiver both fit tightly in the stock, the latter shows no cracking or other damage. The bore is semi-bright with minor frosting and semi-rounded yet defined rifling. See pictures for overall condition and markings. FFL or C&R required to purchase.

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Izhevsk Factory No. 74


Tokarev SVT-40

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10-Round Magazine


good, semi-bright with minor frosting and defined, semi-rounded rifling



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