For Sale: Swiss W+F K31 (Model 1931) Carbine

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The K31 carbine rifle was the Swiss military standard rifle from 1933 to 1958, with over 500,000 produced. The official model designation, Karabiner Modell 1931, is derived from the first military trials started in 1931. The K31 stands out from it contemporary peers for two factors. First, due to Switzerland’s neutrality, the K31 carbine never saw combat and, second, it has a straight-pull bolt action. Unlike the K98 or Mosin-Nagant M91/30, the K31’s bolt slides directly to the rear when cycling empty cartridges and returns forward, along the same straight path, when chambering a new round. The vertical motions needed to lock/unlock the bolt of a K98, for example, are absent in the straight-pull bolt-action design. The K31 has a two-stage trigger and unique cocking piece, with a rear facing ring big enough for a gloved hand, that serves to cock/decock the arm and also as a safety when rotated 90 degrees from horizontal. Over the course of their service, Model 1931 carbines developed a reputation as a dependable, well designed and manufactured arm with a great degree of accuracy. Many rifles were taken home by soldiers after completing their time of required service and the K31 carbine remains desirable for collectors and shooters alike.

The Model 1931 Carbine featured here was manufactured during WWII by Eidgenossische Waffenfabrik in Bern, Switzerland in 1944, overseen at the time by Colonel Furrer. Features found on our K31 carbine include all matching serial numbers, trooper tag present under the butt plate (with SN and trooper name), correct rear tangent-leaf sight graduated to 1500m, matching 6-round magazine, and walnut stock marked III 44 (manufactured April 1944) on the butt.

This K31 carbine is in very good condition with minor finish wear and some service handling marks on the stock. Inspection and proofs marks are found throughout. R C I WDVL WA export mark is found on left side, under the rear sight. The stock/handguard serial numbers match the rifle and the stain color is correct. Bore condition is clean and bright with well-defined rifling. A fantastic specimen for any collector of K31 carbine rifles, WWII era arms, or for those interested in shooting. See pictures for overall condition and markings. FFL or C&R required to purchase.

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Eidgenossische Waffenfabrik/Bern


Carbine Model 1931 (K31 Carbine)

Action Type

Bolt Action


7.5×55 Swiss (GP11)


6-round magazine


Very good, clean and bright with well-defined rifling



Overall Length