For Sale: Remington Model 1902 Rolling Block rifle

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Remington Model 1902 Rolling Block rifle, more formally known at the time by Remington as the Improved Small-Bore Military Rifle and grouped by collectors into the family of No. 5 Rolling Blocks based on receiver size. Manufactured from 1902 to 1910, these smokeless rifles differ from their Model 1897 predecessors in that they have both the updated Day’s rotary extractor, which functions more like an ejector in spitting out spent brass when the breechblock is fully opened, and three-line tang Remington Arms Co. address ending with 1901 patent date. Other Model 1902 differences include a horizontally oriented breechblock lever, butt plate with upper tang, and a strengthened upper handguard intended to prevent the cracking so commonly seen on the M1897 rifles.

While many of these rifles were exported to Central and South American countries, Remington’s success with the rolling block line insured that these rifles found their way around the world. Overall, in good condition, this Remington Model 1902 Rolling Block rifle has some light freckling of rust throughout as well as some handling marks present on the wood. The rear sight is the low ramp and ladder variant and the M1910 banded front sight. The top of the barrel is marked CAL. 7 M.M., just in front of the upper handguard, and the tang is marked with the Model 1902 address. The only other markings found are a set matching numbers stamped on the left side of the upper and lower tangs and a second number stamped on the right side of the lower tang that matches a number stamped into the buttstock. No import or country markings found. No cleaning rod.

See pictures for overall condition. FFL or C&R required for purchase.

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Remington Arms Co

Action Type

Rolling Block


7mm Spanish Mauser


Single Shot


good, clean, dark with visible rifling, some erosion present



Overall Length

45 ¼-inches


ca. 1902-1910