For Sale: Type 14 Nagoya Pistol – Rare

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The Type 14 pistol shown here was produced in September of 1930 at the Nagoya Army Arsenal, Chigusa Factory, the first facility to produce this model. Nagoya only produced around 7800 of these arms between 1926 and 1932, when production was moved to other factories. Low production numbers combined with their long service period make Nagoya pistols rare in good condition and with matching serial numbers like this example.

Like the other manufacturers, the Nagoya produced Type 14 pistol carries the date of manufacture on the right, rear part of the frame. However, unlike the other manufacturers (who all use a period), the Chigusa factory used a comma to separate the month and year, e.g., 5,9 as seen on this example. Nagoya pistols also have machine marks on frames and grip straps because they did not receive the highly polished finish as seen on Type 14s from other makers.

Type 14 pistol markings: “A” position: Correct Chigusa squared form SHO character preceding date of manufacture, followed by period correct inspection marks. On frame above frame position “A”: Nagoya Arsenal symbol and SN. “B” position: Tokyo Army Arsenal inspection/parts mark (TO)*. On frame above position “B”: kanji Type (model) designation. Frame left, front: Safety markings with correct Nagoya/Chigusa arrow style. Serial numbers and partial numbers match on frame, grips, locking block, trigger guard, cocking knob, magazine latch*, bolt, magazine safety, barrel/barrel extension, and magazines**. Small parts inspection marked as seen in photos.

*In 1932, all Nambu Type 14 pistols manufactured in earlier years were recalled for the fitting of shorter, 73mm strikers, 47mm striker guides, and a magazine safety – this Type 14 pistol included. The inspection TO mark in position “B” demonstrates this example was reworked at the Tokyo Arsenal as part of the recall. As a result of the rework, some small parts carry inspection marks of both Tokyo and Nagoya Arsenals. The striker is marked Tokyo only and the striker guide is not marked at all.

**The magazines are nickel plated Type II (w/OG SN struck, Tokyo (TO) inspection mark, and aluminum base) and Type V (no OG SN, Tokyo inspection mark, and alloy base). Both magazines are serialized on the bottom of the magazine to the pistol. This is unusual but not unheard of and is possibly the result of the 1932 rework, repair in the field, or post-war modification. The number style on the magazines matches the style on the firearm, which suggests a war time replacement, as do the early non-frame-spring notched magazines. However, the experts consulted could not confirm an explanation.

There is expected service wear on metal parts and grips for a pistol of this age and service life. Bore is bright, clean, and has well-defined rifling. This Nagoya Army Arsenal, Chigusa Factory Type 14 pistol is the perfect addition for a complete Japanese WWII small arms collection. See pictures for overall condition. FFL or C&R required for purchase.

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Nagoya Army Arsenal, Chigusa Factory


Type 14

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8 Round Magazine


excellent, clean, bright, well-defined rifling



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