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Designed by retired General Kijiro Nambu and adopted by the Japanese Army near the end of 1934, the Type 94 (often referred to as the Nambu 94 or Nambu Type 94) was intended as a pistol option smaller in size than the Type 14, the only other official army issued pistol at the time. Oft maligned as terribly designed, unsafe, and of having an unsightly appearance, the ten-year period of manufacture that produced and delivered over 70,000 pistols to the Japanese army stands as solid testament to their service. Licensed by the Nambu Rifle Manufacturing Company, production began at the Nagoya Army Arsenal, Tokyo, in 1935 and continued throughout WWII until finally ceasing in June of 1945. Although more rare than its Type 14 cousin, the Type 94, like all other arms, accrued changes in design, markings, parts, and finish throughout the years of manufacture. This resulted in a variety of iterations which offers the collector an interesting small arm to research and acquire.

The Type 94 offered here was manufactured in October 1944 (the most productive year of manufacture) and remains in very good condition. Chambered in 8mm with a 6-round, matching magazine, this is an all-matching numbers pistol. All the manufacturing and inspection markings are period correct. The hot salt blued metal finish is excellent throughout with only minor service handling wear. The smooth walnut wood grips are not cracked, and the action works with ease. As is somewhat typical of the Type 94, the firing pin is broken. The bore is excellent, both clean and bright with well-defined rifling. This is an excellent addition for your Japanese small arms collection! See pictures for overall condition. FFL or C&R required for purchase.

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Nambu Rifle Manufacturing Co/Nagayo Arsenal


Type 94

Action Type





6-round magazine


3 ¾ -inch


Excellent, clean and bright with well-defined rifling

Overall Length

7 ¼-inches