For Sale: Remington Navy Model of 1870 Rolling Block Pistol

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The Remington Navy Model of 1870 Rolling Block pistol represents an enigma of sorts when it comes to its model designation. While Flayderman, Shideler, and many others refer to these modified pistols as the Remington 1867 Navy, Landskron adequately argues for the label of “Navy Model of 1870” in his extensive work “Remington Rolling Block Pistols”. Because Landskron’s reasoning is founded on some valid and strong points, we, at The Soldier’s Attic, opted to use his model designation, the Navy Model of 1870. All, however, agree that this pistol variation is not, in fact, an entirely new design but rather a conversion of the Remington 1865 Navy (aka 1866 per Landskron) RB pistol, which is a.50 caliber rimfire pistol with a spur trigger that the U.S. Navy purchased in the range of 6500 pistols under terms of the Contract of 1866. Remington began conversions in 1870, work that included shortening the barrel, switching the breechblock to centerfire, and replacing the spur trigger with a new trigger guard assembly. Conversions ended in 1875 with approximately 6300 pistols undergoing the upgrade, making this a somewhat scarce pistol in good or better condition.

Markings include ‘REMINGTONS ILION N.Y. U.S.A./PAT. MAY 3D NOV 15 1864 APRIL 17TH 1868’ on the frame, left side. ‘P/F.C.W.’ (Frank C. Warner, Navy Inspector of the original 1865 pistol) on the frame, right side. The 1867 model inspector’s mark of ‘I/H.E.’, for Henry Erben, is found on top of the barrel above Warner’s original ‘anchor’ proof mark. The serial number ‘5030’ is stamped on the bottom of the barrel, just forward of the forearm. The left grip bears a faint ‘F.C.W.’ inspection cartouche. The serial number is also stamped on the back and front grip straps (left side) and wood grip.

Overall, this Remington Navy Model of 1870 pistol is in good condition. The frame has faint color case remaining, a nice straw is visible on the breechblock while the hammer has a lighter straw color, and the barrel blue is thin overall with some mild browning in some areas. Handling marks are present throughout the metal and walnut forearm and grip. Forearm as a hairline crack near the front. The bore is excellent, clean, and bright with good rifling. Action is strong and functions as intended.

See pictures for overall condition. Antique. Check with a local FFL dealer to confirm your state laws governing ownership of an antique handgun before purchasing this item.

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E. Remington & Sons


Navy Model of 1870

Action Type

Rolling Block


.50 Centerfire






excellent, clean, bright, well-defined rifling

Overall Length



ca. 1870-75