For Sale: Remington Army Model of 1871 Rolling Block Pistol

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The Remington Army Model of 1871 Rolling Block pistol, aka 1871 Army Rolling Block, evolved from the Navy Model of 1870 as changes accumulated to meet Army requirements. Manufacture at Remington was short, spanning 1871 until 1872 before the Colt Single Action Army revolver became the preferred handgun in 1873. Only 5000 model 1871 pistols were produced to fulfill their contract with the U.S. Army, making them somewhat scarce to find. Changes from the original Naval design include a longer barrel, more robust iron front sight, rotating cam extractor, redesigned mainspring and hammer, breechblock/hammer safety, “hump” shape at the top of the back strap, and a redesigned sear and trigger assembly to eliminate trigger creep.

Markings include ‘REMINGTONS ILION N.Y. U.S.A./PAT. MAY 3D NOV 15 1864 APRIL 17TH 1868’ on the frame, left side along with both a ‘P’ and ‘S’ (Prooved, Stickney). The left grip bears a very strong ‘CRS.’ Curtis R. Stickney inspection cartouche. The serial number is stamped on the left side of the back strap and grip. Matching assembly numbers are stamped on the back and front grip straps, left side.

Overall, this Remington Army Model of 1871 Rolling Block pistol is in very good condition. The frame and trigger guard have strong case colors, and a thinning blue finish on the barrel. Straw hammer and breechblock finish is not present. Very minor handling marks are present throughout the metal and walnut grip and forearm. Some oxidation freckling here and there. The bore is very good, clean, bright with good rifling and small scattered patches of light pitting. The action is strong and functions as intended, including extractor, retracting firing pin, and breech safety. Trigger guard has the correct sear pin hole modification for the military contract.

See pictures for overall condition. Antique. Check with a local FFL dealer to confirm your state laws governing ownership of an antique handgun before purchasing this item.

Additional information


E. Remington & Sons


Army Model of 1871

Action Type

Rolling Block


.50 Centerfire






very good, clean, bright, well-defined rifling with minor patches of pitting

Overall Length

12 ¼-inches


ca. 1871-72