For Sale: Colt Dragoon, 2nd Model, martially marked

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This is a very rare Colt 2nd Model Dragoon as it is both martially marked and modified for a shoulder stock!

The 2nd Model Dragoon, successor to the Colt 1st Model Dragoon, was only manufactured for one year – 1850 until 1851. The estimated production run of 2nd Model Dragoons is around 2700 revolvers, making this model batch much smaller than either the 1st or 3rd Model Dragoon.  Widespread use on the American Western Frontier and Civil War combined with lower production numbers make surviving examples of 2nd Model Dragoons very scarce.   Although the three Dragoon models are very similar in appearance, 2nd Model Dragoons are easily differentiated from 1st and 3rd Models by their square-back trigger guard and rectangular cylinder stop slots.

Serial number records place the manufacture of our example to near-end production in 1851. The frame is martially marked with a ‘U.S.’ under ‘Colt’s Patent’. Frame, cylinder, barrel, loading lever, trigger guard, backstrap, arbor, and walnut grip SNs all match. The wedge is marked 327. Other markings include the address on top of the barrel; very faint cartouches on both side of the grips; the letter ‘B’ on the frame, to the left of Colt’s Patent; the letter ‘Q’ on the trigger guard, bottom near the SN; the letter ‘F’ on the trigger guard, upper left corner forward of trigger; and the letter ‘R’ on the gripstrap, left side under the grip.

The flat mainspring design with the roller bearing engaging the hammer is correct for the late SN of this revolver. The loading lever latch is the vertical variation. Of particular note is the fitment for an attachable shoulder stock. Only a very limited number of 2nd Model Dragoons received this modification, which makes this specimen uncommon in an already uncommon group of revolvers.

This example’s service use left only one or two very faint remnants of the cylinder scene. There is some color case remaining on the sides of the hammer and some minor blue remaining in protected areas of the frame, barrel, and loading lever. There is no significant pitting from rust and, overall, the revolver carries a fine, aged patina. The action works as intended and is crisp and strong. Bore condition is clean and bright, with worn rifling and some area of pitting near the muzzle.

Own a scarce, martially marked 2nd Model Colt Dragoon with the rare shoulder stock fitment, a very unique piece of history! See pictures for overall condition. Antique. Check with a local FFL dealer to confirm your state laws governing ownership of an antique handgun before purchasing this item.

**Due to the value of this item, please contact us prior to purchasing this item.

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2nd Model Dragoon

Action Type

Single-Action Revolver


.44 cal




7 ½-inches


good, clean, bright, with worn rifling and some areas of pitting near muzzle

Overall Length

14 ¾-inches