Dienstglas 10×50 Wehrmacht Binoculars by Carl Zeiss

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Wehrmacht issue 7×50 WWII binoculars manufactured by Carl Zeiss in Jena, Germany (rln code). This pair has a rare, late war smooth grey finish and the blue ‘+’ cold weather lubricant mark. No strichplatte (reticle) present. The exterior is in excellent condition with almost no service wear on paint. Comes with reproduction leather neck strap, black leather benutzer (eyepiece cover) (RBNr 0/1165/0014), and knopflasche (tunic button flap) (RBNr 0/0369/0025). Diopter adjustors, eyepieces, and hinge all function as intended. The view is excellent with a clarity of 1 on a hazy scale of 1-10 (10 equaling pea soup fog). No fungal growth or corrosion present. A perfect addition for the re-enactor and collector alike. See pictures for overall condition.

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Carl Zeiss Jena (rln)


Dienstglas 10×50